Tips on How to Keep Your Kids’ Toys More Organized

Years ago, you may have had an organized and super clean house—and then your kids came along. Now you have a happy but cluttered house. Getting from one room to another safely was no problem before kids. But, now, you can’t step into your kids’ rooms without almost tripping over all their toys. 

Unfortunately, as long as there are kids in the house, keeping it neat would always be a challenge. The good thing is that you can take some steps to help manage the chaos inside your home. Here are some tips to try:

Tip 1: Have Dedicated Storage for Your Kid’s Toys

If there is enough storage for your kid’s toys, it would be possible for you to keep the house neat and clean. When there are designated places for them to put the toys accordingly, it will lessen their need to rummage through their toy bins to find the toy they want to play with.

Tip 2: Have Playtime Schedules

It is essential to have playtime schedules because this would help you know when you can clean the toys in the house. By setting aside an amount of time to clean, the task can become a little easier. At the same time, you are putting restrictions on your kids’ playtime schedules. 

Tip 3: Establish Rules for Your Kids

Start to establish rules for your kids. That would teach them to clean up after themselves. Likewise, when they make a mess, they should be able to clean up after themselves.

Furthermore, you can make the house neat by ensuring your kids put their toys away while not playing with them. By doing this, they will learn to respect other people’s stuff. Teach them this discipline while they’re young.

Tip 4: Ask for Helping Hands

Ask for help from your family members and friends. When you do this, not only would they be helping out, but they would also be spending quality time with your kids. It is essential to have this kind of relationship with your loved ones.

Tip 5: Keep Half of Their Toys Away

Try to limit the toys they can access. Have a daily rotation of the toys they can access for a time. When they start looking for a toy not in the current daily rotation, that’s the only time you can take them out. 

Tip 6: Have Toy Cleanouts Every Year

Teach your kids how to let go of their old toys to make space for new ones. When they learn this concept while still young, they will not have a problem letting go of material things when they grow up. Furthermore, they will learn to share their blessings or discover how they can earn money and reward themselves with the toys they sell.


Having a clean and tidy room would always be a challenge to achieve. When there are kids in the house, this becomes more challenging. The good thing is that you can still keep your home as neat as possible. The key, however, is to involve your kids in the process. When you do this, you will be able to manage to keep the house tidy and teach your kids the value of discipline and letting go of material things.

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