Office Cleaning

Think about how much time you spend in your office. A dusty, cluttered space makes it harder to focus. BBB Cleaning Atlanta LLC offers commercial office cleaning services guaranteed to make your office look its best. We’ll dust the shelves, wipe surfaces, and empty the trash. A healthy office is also essential. Disinfecting high-touch surfaces is one of our many commercial cleaning specialties. A freshly cleaned office will spark joy each day. No matter the size of your office, you can count on us to deliver unbeatable results.

Restroom Cleaning & Sanitizing

There’s nothing worse than walking into a not-so-fresh restroom. As one of the most used communal spaces, restrooms are notorious hiding places for germs. Like most business owners, you don’t have enough free time to clean these rooms continually. We will keep your restrooms cleaned and sanitized. We are deligent in emptying trash and disinfecting high-touch surfaces. You’ll be able to walk into the restroom with confidence, knowing it will cleaned properly.

Sanitizing & Disinfecting High Traffic Touch Points

Think about how many people touch the doorknobs in your building throughout the day. High-touch surfaces are breeding grounds for germs, bacteria, and other pathogens. Light switches, faucets, tables, telephones, and keyboards are other well-known culprits. You don’t have enough time in a day to wipe down these areas, but we do. We will frequently sanitize and disinfect all high-traffic, high-touch surfaces. keeping your facility fresh and clean is our mission.

Supply Management

It can be hard to maintain a clean office without the right office cleaning supplies. Leave your cleaning closet to us! We will worry about replensishing the all your building supplies (based on your company needs). We will keep track of all inventory so you dont run out of something. BBB Cleaning Atlanta will take the guesswork out of maintaining a fully stocked supply room. Our supply management services ensure you have everything on hand to clean up every size mess.

Cafeteria and Common Area Cleanup

Dont worry about cleaning up after your staff. It could be a busy morning with the basic coffee or Spilled creamer and coffee stains which can make a breakroom look like and feel really dirty. A unclean cafeterias or eating area can be a turnoff. Here at BBB Cleaning Atlanta, we will keep your cafeteria and breakroom spotless. Our pros understand the importance of clean office space and disinfected communal spaces. That’s why we offer a wide range of office cleaning services to meet the needs of your facility. Leave all the major cleaning to us!

Enterance Cleaning

The entrance to your business is the first thing visitors and employees notice. Smudged glass, dirty walls, and stained tiles may leave a bad taste. BBB Cleaning Atlanta wants your entryway to make a lasting first impression on all your guest. As part of our office cleaning services, we’ll clean every inch of your entry. As always, we’ll arrive on time and bring everything needed to get the job done right. When we finish, your entryway will the talk of the town!
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