Before Your Clean

Before booking your cleaning service, it’s important to understand how our pricing models work, as well as what packages and add-ons we offer. Knowing what’s available and the differences between them can help you be sure that you’re selecting the best service for your home, and can also help you avoid any surprises, such as a requote.

Getting Your Home Ready For Us

While it’s our job to do the actual cleaning in your home, there are a few things that you can do before our cleaners arrive to make sure that you get the highest quality clean possible.

  • Remove Clutter – Make sure that all clothing, kids’ toys, magazines, newspapers, mail, electronic devices, and any other loose items are put away.

  • Clear the Bathroom Vanities – Place items you use every day and keep on your vanity (e.g., hairspray, makeup, toothpaste, deodorant) in a bin or put them away so that our cleaners are able to clean without needing to move each of these items.

  • Wash and Put Away Your Dishes – This will allow our cleaners to get straight to work cleaning your kitchen instead of your dishes.

  • Leave Linens on Your Beds – If you request that we change your sheets before making your beds, we’ll need the linens to be left out on each bed for us.

  • Secure Your Pets – Finding a good place for your pets to stay while we clean will ensure that both your pets and our cleaners remain safe and secure.

If these things are not taken care of before we arrive, we may have to charge extra for the additional time it will take to do them for you. Or, if you’ve booked hourly services, it may mean that our team is unable to get to other more important tasks within the time you’ve booked. Aside from these items, there is no need to do any cleaning before we arrive. We’ll take it from here.

What To Expect Before BBB Cleaning Atlanta Cleans Your Home

Before we arrive at your home, it’s important to ask any questions or let us know of any special requests so that we have clear expectations and can provide an accurate quote. We may not be able to accommodate last-minute requests at the time of your cleaning./

We will contact you regarding arrangements for how our team will access your home. If you will not be home, you may choose to provide us with a key or an access code. If you are uncomfortable with this option, then you will need to ensure that someone is home during your scheduled time to let us in. We provide cleaning services Monday – Saturday, so there should be a time to suit you, whether you prefer to be home or out.

If anything comes up before your cleaning and you need to make changes or cancel, you can do so up to 24 hours before your service appointment. We ensure that a cleaning team and time are reserved for each customer, so cancellations after this time will incur a fee.

You’re a Step Away!


Get Your Quote & Schedule Your Cleaning

You can easily view our pricing by heading over to our booking form. You’ll be able to select the number of bedrooms/bathrooms in your home as well as the type of cleaning you’d like or any extras you’d like to add on.

Our booking form will give you an instant quote without ever having to talk with anyone.

If you don’t see the service you want on our booking form or have other questions you can contact us via phone, email, or even our online chat and get all your questions answered as well get an accurate pricing with one of our agents.

If everything looks great, you can book your cleaning all online using our booking form or via phone and our agent will walk you through & intake your info including your credit/debit card to have on file for the service.

Confirmation Emails & Reminders

Once you have booked your cleaning, after some time you will receive a“Booking confirmation” email letting you know your booking has been confirmed.

As you await the day of your clean you will get several reminders both via our automated emails & text reminding you that your cleaning is coming up so you don’t forget.

On The Day Of Your Clean

Our vetted cleaners will arrive like clock work on the day of your cleaning. The cleaners will bring all the necessary equipment needed for the clean. Upon arrival they’ll do a before walk through with you to make sure they know exactly what needs to be focused on. If you selected a flat rate cleaning package, our cleaners will work of off our standardized cleaning checklist.

At the end of the cleaning, they’ll do a before/after walk through to make sure you’re satisfied.

After Your Clean

After your cleaning, you will receive an automated email to rate your service & cleaner.

If you didn’t already tip your cleaner and would like to still add a tip, please let us know and we’ll add the amount to your card we have on file.