Your cleaning estimates and why it changes!

Hey everyone so we get asked all the time why will cleaning estimates change. Well we are here to answer the question for you. On the day of your cleaning once our team arrives, the team can do a full walk-through with you or the person that is at the location so that we can see the specific details of what needs to be cleaned. Once you make your booking we trust that you have filled out all the information to your knowledge. If anything changes on the walk through we will provide you with an accurate additional cost.

An explain of this is if you select for laundry to be completed. Laundry is $20 per load. The load is wash and dry and put away. If you have more than one load the cost of the cleaning will change. We will inform you of the changes before we start the job.

Your cleaning estimates will change if there is additional service that needs to be completed.

Once we go over the information and if anything changes please let the cleaning know as soon as possible so we can accommodate the changes. If you will like to contact us please feel free to call 678-243-0482 or support@bbbcleaningatlanta.com.

If you have question please feel free to schedule your free cleaning estimate today, or you can book now and we will see you soon!

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